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Reading Tif Tags


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Maybe somebody can help me out. I'm trying to read tif tags, and I'm running into a bit of a problem. It appears these tifs have the width and the height of the image both under the 256 tag. I know I'm doing something really dumb...but I haven't been able to find many resources out there on tif tags. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

IE -->

01 00 00 00 de 08 00 00 01 01 04 00 (8DE = 2270 img width)

01 00 00 00 be 0c 00 00 02 01 03 00 (CBE = 3262 img height)

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How is this a Paint.NET related development question ... ?

I downloaded the paint.net source the other day and spent some time hunting through the source to see if I could find somewhere this had been done. I couldn't find any other good resources on the internet, so I didn't figure it'd hurt to ask here. So, I guess in answer to your question, it isn't...

BTW, I like Paint.net...can't wait until I know a little more about c# and start tinkering with it.

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