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superimposing someone into another photo?

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hi, first post and its asking for help im sorry.

im completely new to this so i came here to find out how to put a picture of someone into another picture. but after an hour searching i cant even find the tutorial so i have no chance of actually executing the job. :oops:

i need to put a person into a photo to make it look like she was there, it doesnt have to be convincing, its more a fun photo really.

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You want to put a picture of somebody into an already existing photo?

Ok, to do that, open the background or where you want them to be. Then in the layers drop down box up on the top, click "import from file". I think that opens in a new layer. If not, open a new layer and then do that.

You will need the picture of the person to just be the person. Using the eraser and magic wand, remove the background of that image, leaving only the person. You could try this tutorial to do that.

Then, on layer 1, you should have the place you want them to be, and layer 2, the person. You can make any adjustments you want from here.

And also, change the title of this thread to something more specific, such as "Adding a person to a picture" or something that relates to what you want like that.

I'm still alive!

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