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on paint.net can you make the font go sideways?

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no i dont mean 90 degress so its vertical...

i want to rotate it... not 180 or 90 degrees...

diagnal... yes thats the word im looking for... i want to edit a pic and put the words across the picture diagnally... if there's not a way on paint.net then is there any other program besides photoshop?

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umm here this is how it is... and i want it to be witin those lines that i've marked on there.... !!


doing that right click thing doesnt help... it doesnt rotate... it just moves it to a different spot ... and wats the square select thing? if i do the rectangle select then i cant do anything to the words anymore

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If your text is on it's own layer, I'd suggest using the Roll / Rotate feature just as Mr. Frojo described. It will yield nicer results than using the other method described here. You can find this feature in the Rotate / Zoom dialog (Ctrl+Shift+Z) or Layers > Rotate / Zoom).


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