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Hi. Would it possible for you to post the picture you wish to work on, it would make it easier to help you?

During the meantime, you can use the Ellipse Select Tool (:EllipseSelectTool: ) to select the headlight (use :MoveSelectionTool: to adjust the selection) and once in the right place you have a few options you can try. One, you could try Effects > Glow and have a play around; and two, you could create a new layer (:AddNewLayer: in the layers window (still with your selection active)) fill that with colour white, deselect then apply Effect > Blur > Gaussian and adjust the slider to produce a nice glow.

These two both give the desired finish and use default effects so can be quickly accomplished. I do hope this will help :D.

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You can use the built in Hue and Saturation adjustment (Adjustments -> Hue / Saturation... or [Crtl]+[shift]+) to change the color, or, if there's other stuff around on the layer who's colors you don't want to change, you can use the Conditional Hue / Saturation adjustment plugin to isolate the purple color range and change the hue of just that color.

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