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How to put a pic within a pic

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I can think of a couple of ways...

The easiest by far is to select the blue portion of the computer with the magic wand tool at about 54 tolerance, and select the blue inside the computer... Then, hit "delete".

That should get rid of most of the screen.

Add the photo of the cardinal on a layer below it, and then resize the cardinal image so that it fits the view that you want.

That's it.


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Open both images in PDN.

Resize the cardinal so it fits within the dimensions of the laptop image (in this case, resize the height to 232px so none of the image is cut off when you paste.

Copy the cardinal and paste it into a new layer in the computer image.

Use either Rotate / Zoom or the Reshape / Matte plugin to skew the image of the cardinal.

Duplicate the cardinal layer and set the duplicates blending mode to Screen. Adjust the layer opacity until the brightness looks right.

I added a glare by drawing a line using the Line / Curve tool, painting in the top with the Paintbrush, Magic Wand-ing around the cardinal layer, deleting the surrounding white from the glare layer, and lowering the opacity.



It was done quickly, so the matching isn't perfect, but you get the idea. I used the Reshape / Matte plugin since it's far easier than Rotate / Zoom in this instance. You can move each point, then release the mouse button for a live preview on the screen to make sure you get the corners in the right places.

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Whoa...the Matte plug-in is EXACTLY what I needed. The resizing part was what I was having difficulty with. Thank you both so much!

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