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Dark Horizontal Line Fill

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Make a new 1 pixel wide image as tall as you want one row of both bars to be. So, if you want the bar of the first color to be 20 pixels tall and the bar of the second color to be 15 pixels tall, make the image 35 pixels tall.

Take the Rectangle Select tool and select the first area, in this example, the top 20 pixels. Fill this area with the first color.

Press [Ctrl]+ to invert the selection and fill this area with your second color.

Save this image to an easily accessible place, such as the Desktop as a PNG.

Switch to the image in which you want the bars and create a new layer.

Use pleska's Photo Flood Fill plugin to select your image and fill the canvas with it. It will repeat across the entire canvas just like the horizontal line fill mode, only it'll be the size you need.

I hope that helps!

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