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To Change Pixel Size

It is Possible to Change Pixel Size?  

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  1. 1. It is Possible to Change Pixel Size?

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I am well impressed with your program

I am also doing something for our paint.net

We all are very well study holl paint.net Program

It is well sturucture very well

Please say to me in the Workspace we have the default pixel size

is x=1.0 and y=1.0

I want to customize this size ex dpux=0.4 and dpuy=0.8

It's don't effect the workspace

Please give me a saggesion

I want to a grid of basic workspace is in polygon,square(default),and other shape

Please sugees me

Jayani Sanjay


Software Developer in .NET

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I don't understand what you're asking for ... you want to set a different resolution (DPI) for the X and Y axes? The Document class supports this, but I'm not sure the rest of Paint.NET will handle it correctly. The Document class provides DpuX, DpuY, and DpuUnit properties (DPU = "dots per unit", where "unit" is defined by DpuUnit). It was never a goal of ours to support anamorphic aspect ratios like this, although we had to at the data level for compatibility with EXIF and the like.

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