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Import/Export from PhotoDraw?

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How to export images from PhotoDraw is an issue you will be best served by asking this question through PhotoDraw's support channels.

PdN does not currently have the option to work directly with *.mix files.


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If I remember PhotoDraw correctly (it's been several years since I used that one), it works similarly to a vector editor, but on a raster level, with objects beng kept in an independently editable state.

This is to say, if one were to draw a rectangle with rounded corners, then draw an ellipse, one could later click the rectangle to select it and change the radius of the rounded corners.

Paint.NET does not work in this fashion, with shapes as independent objects, but functions in the standard raster editor fashion, with the layers being the objects and the pixels on those layers defining the shapes.

I'm certain it would be possible for someone to create a DLL the imports .mix files, but I'm almost certain that, even if this were made, independent object editability would not survive the transition.

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