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P.N 307: Cannot remove Tools etc.

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If i clear the work images off my P.N workspace i cannot then also remove windows like Tools, Layers, etc. F5 & F7 etc. do work, the Windows pull-down does also work. Weird.

Steps to reproduce:

Open paint.net, open an image file, close the image file by pressing the black 'x' to the upper right on image icon, try to close the Tools or History or Layers or Colors windows that remain on the workspace by their upper right little red 'x's, it does not close them. The F# keys work, the pull-down Windows also works.


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It would appear that the palettes are "locked" from mouse interaction while no canvas is open (listen for the "error" sound from your speakers when you try clicking).

It is somewhat odd, however, that the function keys would still work. I don't know if this is a mild oversight or if it's by design. Rick's crazy like that. :)

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