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Curves problem on layers other than the bottom one.

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I've been messing about with PDN for a week or 2 & this only just happened recently, it was after I downloaded some file extension plugins (.ico & .cur) I don't know if this is the problem. As the title says it works fine on the layer that I start with but if I try & do anything on another layer I have to move the points in very drastic places before anything happens. I have deleted the plugin files from my computer but this hasn't made any difference.


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MattBlackLamb, I think I know what you are talking about.

You are drawing on the top layer with anti-aliasing turned on and anything you draw has some slightly transparent pixels along the edge. If you try to blur a solid color it will only increase the amount of "slightly transparent" pixels. Those pixels are all the same(or relatively similar) color. Curves won't have much of an effect on those pixels in this situation.

A black circle(top layer) over a white background(bottom layer) will always be black even though when you blur(otherwise alter) it, it looks like it is transitioning from black to white(via gray). The gray is just transparent black and adjusting curves will not effect a solid color.

/blatant redundancy


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