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Suggested feature - Free rotation of Text while typing.

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I have a suggestion for a new feature related to the rotating of text while typing.

I have searched the forum extensively to see if this has previously been requested and could not find any similar posts, but I'll apologise in advance if this has been requested before.

While using the Text tool you can click on the crosshair nub to drag and reposition your text. I think it would be a great idea if you could also right-click on this nub and free-rotate the text at the same time.


I understand that you can type your text on a new layer, select it and use the Move Selected Pixels tool to rotate. I just think it would be cool if you could freely rotate the text as you are typing it.

This would save a little time and effort when placing angled test onto pictures and just make the Text tool a little cooler.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else thinks this would be useful.



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I agree. *flees forum b/f 18/100 magic user casts fireball*

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