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Opening Multiple Images

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I'd back this idea. I've just used Paint.Net for the first time, excellent program and much more immediate than the GIMP (I guess especially if you are used to Photoshop in a Windows environment..).

Anyway, the first thing I tried to do was to load several images at once, and found that I couldn't. It wasn't a huge problem as I figured out how to add a layer from a file, but I would have preferred to open them individually initially and re-size them.

I guess the colour palette, history, layer boxes etc.. should change depending on which image you currently have active.

I'm not really sure that you need tabs, not sure if it suits the interface. Maybe just another (optional) floating box to select which image you wish to work on; + the ability to switch images using the Window menu; + the abililty to just click to activate the window surrounding another image that you wish to edit.

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Until this feature is developed you can load multiple instances of Paint.Net and cut / paste between. I know that it consumes 32Mb+ of memory (based on the default image) each instance but in comparison with Photoshop this allows for at least 5 images to be opened simultaneously in the same memory space :lol:

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