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Crazy friggin' idea.

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And I'm pretty sure it's not in the thread, 'cuz I've read it and re-read it just for verification before I posted this.

Anyways, wouldn't it be damn cool if we could have a few more options for circular and rectangular selection? Like... the ability to set an aspect ratio for a rectangular selection box, or to be able to create one with preset pixel dimensions? Yeah, that'd be sweet. Totally myphotoshop idea.


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No offence back but..

Not everyone uses the selection tool just to select things.

the circle selection tool and the box selection tool are sometimes used as a means of adding a "color fill"

Sometimes I want to type in the heigth and width of a box for instance, and then lock the aspect ratio of it so that I can easily make sure that I am cropping to a specific ratio.

I also get a tad frustrated with the circle selection tool as it doesn't "stick" to where you start your circle, this is true of all painting imaging software, for some reason, your point where you click your mouse, doesn't stay put.

I also think that the ability to type in should be used for the tolerance of the paint bucket and so on, because that that sliding bar thing is a bit weird for me, especially when it's faster to type.

I mean, PDN is awesome, but, those are some improvements that I would request.


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