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  1. First of all.... I think this is a great tutorial... but.... it's seems like a lot of effort. It's really not that much harder to box-select what you want to have, then crop to selection. I mean, if you want to have them right on the lines, sure, but adding another layer and then doing all of that just seems excessive to me. It's just my 2 cents, I suppose
  2. My students really liked this tutorial when I taught it I didn't have the slider, so I couldn't make it more "yellow"ier as suggested, but they still turned out nice
  3. Oh, I completely understand Rick. I was just curious if anyone else felt how I did
  4. Would it happen in a future version? Or is there not enough .... demand (I guess is the word) for it?
  5. One question that one of my students asked me when using the clone and paintbrush tool, is that is it possible to change the shape of the clone/paint brush from a circle to a square to a line, like in MS paint? I've found that sometimes, this can be a good thing. Anyone else?
  6. No disrespect intended, but have you considered using the lasso?
  7. The Pencil Sketch Effect reminds me of that 80's video from A-ha. You know.... take on me. Man, I feel old.
  8. Thanks all for your tips. Yes, I am trying to use Paint.NET primarily for photo editing. I'll use it for cropping, background editing (blurs, complete changes), black and white and sepia gradients (I LOVE that tutorial), and cloning out features that people may not want (zits, blemishes and backgrounds) I'll keep you all posted as to how it is going
  9. Hi all, Just a longwinded preamble: I am an inner city classroom in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, who has discovered and fallen in love with Paint.NET. At the beginning of this month, I am teaching a Digital Photography half class to my inner city students, most of whom have very little to no photo editing experience (short of removing red eye) and am figuring out some way to use Paint.NET in my classroom. I have set it up where I am using only 4 programs to teach the kids with (FastStone Viewer, Irfanview, Paint.NET, and GIMP) I was only given a budget of $1000, and I spend all of that on digital cameras, cases, memory cards, and a book… so Photoshop was out of the question (to license it for 1 computer, was around $125 per computer… ouch) So I love that Paint.NET is such a fantastic program that is powerful and free. Plus, I purposely chose free programs, because if these programs are free, the kids (who have a computer) can download them at home and have fun there. My question is what might be a general conscientious as to which tutorials to teach the kids to use. I will be teaching Paint.NET for roughly 10 classes. In that time, 1 class will be dedicated to introducing it. I usually spend 1 class teaching, and 2 letting the kids work and play with the assignment. So roughly, I want to teach 3 or 4 tutorials, depending on how well the kids “get itâ€