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healing brush

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:idea: In photoshop cs2 ver:9 there is a brush that you can fix a damaged picture, you can HEAL or restore the damaged picture.

My question is where is the same option in paint.net? which button do I have to click to restore, fix and heal a damaged picture?

I fixed my damaged picture with photoshop cs2, but I like to be able to fix it with paint.net.

Any help would be apreciated.

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Actually, here was what I was thinking:

create a new layer atop a damaged image.

fill with black

set opacity to 128

draw white lines at about 8-10px width along the scars on the image

blur at about 10px

flatten; save as mask.png; undo to beginning

duplicate layer

use erode/dilate at intensity of ~5px, erode or dilate depending on what covers the scars

apply alpha mask plugin with mask.png as the image

adjust as necessary


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