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HELP Please...Novice!

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Hi everyone :)

I've recently installed Paint.net and i'm an absolute novice with image/photo editing. I was hoping you guys could help me out with a few questions.

1. Say i have an image, and i want to fill part of it with colour..lets say lips for example. How do i fill this area without it looking poor? (straying over the edge of the lips etc). Is there a way of creating a perfect outline of a certain part of an image, then filling it with colour?

2. I find it very difficult drawing on an image using a touchpad (haven't got a mouse, although it would probably be just as difficult). Is there any way to have more control when drawing lines, curves, shapes etc?

I'm not yet familiar with the tools, etc in Paint. net, so any advice would have to be dummies guide, lol!

Thanks for reading and i would be very grateful for any advice :)


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