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Image Size Issue

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I am trying to make a thumbnail for a youtube video I plan to upload soon, I use a rainbow background to grab the attention of viewers, I tried to add another image from the game Call of duty black ops 2, the call of duty image is bigger than the rainbow background, the image just resizes if an image that is bigger than anything on the screen is imported, I want the call of duty image to be smaller and be layered on top of the rainbow image, how can I stop the image size from getting bigger automatically? Thank you.

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Hello jackhutchinson,


If you are using Layers>Import from file, the canvas size increases automaticaly. However, if you use the Edit>Paste option you have a choice to Expand or Keep the canvas size. Choose Keep canvas size. You can now adjust the size of the pasted image by moving the holders. Make sure to press the SHIFT key while you adjust the size to avoid distortion.

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You could open up your big picture on it's own separate canvas. Resize it there by going up to the Menu Bar > Image > Resize. After you resize, copy the image ctrl + a and then ctrl + c, and then go over to your other image's canvas and paste, ctrl + shift + v. Be sure you are pasting the image onto it's own layer.

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