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Semi-Transparent Pixels Causing Issues

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Hey, uhm... I've been creating pixel art sprites in Paint.net and there is one thing causing me serious issues.

What I've been doing is making multi-layer images with fully opaque art on each layer surrounded by fully transparent backgrounds.


I've been batch converting copies of my PDN files into PNGs with an external program (Irfanview) and issues with transparent backgrounds leaving behind odd pixels that weren't made transparent.


I returned to paint.net and used Image sampling + eyedropper to find out that some "Transparent" pixels had a alpha of 1/255.

Is there a way to prevent this while still leaving the image as a pdn?

Or alternatively, is there a way to batch process the pdns to png without these semitransparent pixels becoming opaque? (Batch - as in without individually flattening and saving what will be 500 PDNs)

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I use Irfanview all the time  as an image viewer. It often gets the alpha channel wrong. My version is old and doesn't support .pdn, but I understand your problem. Don't use Irfanview for conversion.

Alas, that doesn't solve my problem... I've fiddled with Irfanview's PNG output settings and nothing can avoid that 1/255 colour shift. But it's the only program I've found that can mass convert PDN into PNG.

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