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enabling ellipse selection tool to hold outline


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Hello, I'm brand new to all of this so, I definitely have questions as I go! Thank you for your patience. 


While following a text tutorial, I am guided to use the ellipse (linear) as a selection tool to capture the top half or so of some text.  


For some reason, the selection I make with the ellipse tool is not holding after I de-click my mouse.  


I am hoping someone can shine some light on how to maintain the capture of the text so I can add gradient.  


If anyone is familiar, it is from a tutorial by kaunas163 "

Paint.NET tutorial number 123 - Cool italic, Radial/fade and gradual color text effect. 


Its perfect for a part of my website and would love to apply.  I'm following it to the letter and hope to capture the top half of the text with a whitish gradient like she shows. 


Thank you for your time! 



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It sounds like you have your selection mode set to "subtractive"

In the toolbar at the top, you can change it back to the normal selection mode (see the paint.net documentation for more details)

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