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Windows Photo Printing Wizard differences

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I posted the following on http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/70591-windows-photo-printing-wizard-differences.html, believing my issue to be caused by Windows.  I received one unsatisfactory response.  I wonder if a user here can be of more help:


I have a desktop and laptop, both running Windows 8, the laptop running Pro. There are differences in the choices for printing sizes and appearance of the image when using each Photo Printing Wizard that I do not remember being a problem previously:
1. Paper size: clicking 'More...' gives me a total of seven different sizes on the desktop, whereas there are more than 50 options on the laptop
2. Image appearance: the image for printing does not fill the rectangle on the desktop, even when I have chosen 10x15cm and the proportions are correct, as can be seen in the attachment. This could be because I do not have the choice of Borderless 10x15cm, perhaps.
I use Paint.NET typically, but the situation is the same in Photo Viewer.



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