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black ink pens

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Suggestions please.   I am trying to use paint.net to help me with answers.  Working with a color scan of a worksheet I made writing a few words with several different black ink pens, I am trying to prove that different pens have been used.   I tried color picker tool and clicked on intersecting lines and thicker strokes.  The HEX numbers as well as all RGB/HSV change when I click on different areas in material written by just one pen.  For this to be useful I would need to have a method that would limit the HEX or RGB/HSV range for writing of one pen--so that the narrow range of numbers of one pen as opposed to what would show with each different pen, would 'prove' different pens.

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Hi winknblimk, sorry that we missed you.


I would try to increase the area of sampling by changing the setting from 'Single pixel' to maybe 5x5 pixels. This way you will get an average color value on pick.


If this does not help then you should reduce the colors of your image by mapping the colors to a fixed color palette without using dithering.




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