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How to create this colorful font texture?

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The way to achieve this is to have each individual part of the letter placed in different layers, one one top of the other, each with a Multiply blending mode.


The letter A for example would need 3 transparent layers for its 3 parts with 3 different colors, each with Multiply blending modes. But it won't produce the very similar effect.

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I did some experiment with PDN for regarding this and it turns out to be possible in just one Normal transparent layer.



For letter A as an example, I just used the Line tool with rounded tips and since PDN 4 can now change the blend mode of lines, fills and brushes, I used a  Multiply blending mode for my Line tool and painted the parts of the letter, one on top of the other. I also used the brush with the right size to paint the little circles between the joints and this is what I came up with.



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