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Zoom Toolbar Buttons In Paint.NET Version 6.x

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Hello All,


I just installed the latest version of Paint.NET and I noticed something was missing that was there in earlier versions.


There are no longer zoom controls (zoom in, zoom out, drop down zoom menu) on the main toolbar. The only way I can now find to zoom is use the View menu or shortcuts. In my opinion it's inconvenient to have to use a menu to get to zoom. It's much easier and more intuitive to have the controls right on the toolbar. Also, I don't like using shortcuts to do things. I prefer to use the mouse.


I tried looking at the settings as well as right clicking around the toolbar but I didn't find any way to customize (add/remove buttons) the toolbar.


I am not sure if this was and intentional design decision or a mistake. I hope it wasn't intentional and that the reason why it was done is because someone decided that using shortcuts is a better way to zoom. (If this is the case I disagree because there are many people out there like myself that don't like to use shortcuts for various reasons.)


Can anyone tell me if there is there is a way to put the zoom controls back on the toolbar? If so, do you mind explaining?


Thank you,


Jan  :D


P.S. On a happier note... I really LOVE the new version! It looks better and I like the new options, button placement, etc. Keep up the good work!

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I think you may be looking for the controls that are now at the bottom right, I remember it taking  while to get that into muscle memory haha


Omg you are right! There it is staring me right in the face! Thank you. :)


I guess that's the only disadvantage of a significant interface design change. You have to get used to new button/control positions. Oh well, it's certainly worth it with this new version of Paint.NET. Like I said, I love the new look!



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