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Image that can't be displayed correctly.

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Hello, I just found a wallpaper I wanted to try on my laptop and since its resolution didn't match the one of my laptop I wanted to resize it. So I opened the image in paint.net and resized it but after saving the image I noted there were differences in colors.


Windows' Photo Viewer displays the image correctly (original) but Paint is also unable to edit the image respecting its colors. Its as if the image became less warm, even less detailed of sorts.


What could be the cause? This is a link to the image because it exceeds the maximum size allowed for an attachment: http://filebin.ca/1SN6IvK9n7Yw/ThroughClouds.jpg

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Without including the original, it's hard to know what is wrong with the edit...


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Hi David, thank you for the answer.


The image linked in the post was the original one, without modifications. Just by opening it you can see that it doesn't look the same as when opened in Windows Photo Viewer (the default image viewer of Windows).


I'm uploading it somewhere else in case there's a problem with that sever, this is another link: https://db.tt/ANslAynn

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This image has an embedded color profile "Dell U2711 Color Profile, D6500". Some programs use that to adapt the colors, and some do not. Paint.net is not. It's showing you what's actually in the JPG. This is extraordinarily complex; what's "correct" is not entirely clear. Don't know if theres anyway to make paint.net use this.

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Oh... I see, thanks for the answer.


After reading about the color profiles thing I think there's not much to do in that regard. Many programs (most of them?) don't understand color profiles or make use of them, and even in browsers things are not always correctly implemented.


What I did in the end, in case anybody is in the same situation, was using a trial version of Photoshop (at least I know that understands color profiles, I couldn't find anything free that did the same) and there change the color profile to sRGB. sRGB seems to be a kind of generic color profile, so if an image is using that color profile you can omit its embedding when saving the image (or saving to a format that doesn't support color profile embedding).


After converting to sRGB the image looks more or less (pretty close but not exactly the same) as when the original profile was used and I could resize it and save it maintaining the intended colors.

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