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The bottom image can be replicated by...

1. create a new image

2. create a new layer on which to draw your main shape

3. draw whatever shape you're going to highlight using the various tools in the toolbox

4. use the magic wand to select the area outside of the shape that you just created, press ctrl+i to select the whole shape.

5. create another layer and using either the gradient plugin or the built in gradient tool, draw a gradient from solid black to transparent black (click more on the colors window for the transparency setting) The solid black should start at the base of your image and face vertically to the top.

6. If you want to make it a little smoother around the edges, use the feather plugin available in the plugins section of the forum.

7. create a new layer and draw the shape of the highlight in solid white (for the above example, a combination of lines and bezier curves would probably work best)

8. Adjust the transparency setting for the highlight and shadow(black gradient) layers to your preference.

9. and you're done!

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