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How to make a "strip" & keep transparency

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I have a pic I am trying to make a white strip or whatever you want to call it to go between the 2 black designs. I want to make this design on the 2 lines go to the edge of both sides. I can not figure out how to do these things. The entire background is actually transparent. I see on here it doesn't show that so I thought I better mention that. I am very new with paint so any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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Hi Traci,


Very easy done.

Simply open your transparent image in PDN. Then create a new layer and move it down using the "move layer down" arrow in the layer window.

Select that layer so that it is the working layer (this should happen by default when you move it down), and using the "rectangle select" tool, drag a rectangle so that it covers the two black lines. Then simply select white colour followed by the 'paint bucket' tool, and click in the rectangle.


Save your file as a .png, and you're done!


*** Note that this will merge your layers down, so rather than save, do a 'save as', and give it a new name so that you do not lose the transparency of the original image!





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