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Help me...!

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I can't explain it, but when I try to use the paintbrush to colour in, it won't let me! 


It colours in but if I try to go over it it somehow deletes it again, like a marker on a whiteboard!

This is never happened to me before but I admit I was messing around with the tools [i'm pretty new to Paint.NET]


Anyone help me and tell me how to get back to normal?

I need this for a story I'm making [yep, I'm a writer (:]



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Welcome to the forum. Please read the rules.


We need you to use descriptive thread titles. "Help me..!" is just way too unhelpful for the next person who comes along with the same question(s).


Also, you bumped your thread after 1 hour? Please don't be rude like that.


I'm closing this thread. Please try again.

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