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font appearing as a different thickness

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I have one font from a family of fonts that appears as the wrong thickness--it appears the same as one of the other fonts in its family. I don't have this issue in other applications or with other fonts.


This font is the OpenType font "Fluctuation". The "book" font thickness in the family appears as the "regular" thickness; however, if I uninstall the regular font, then the book font appears correctly. When I reinstall the regular font, the book font again appears as wrong.


All of the other fonts in this family appear correctly.



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I did some searching. "Book" is a font style like "bold" and "italics." With both of the styles installed, it looks to me like paint.net is defaulting to the regular font style.

Since there isn't an option to use the "book" style in paint.net, I'm not sure why it would do that, but that's the only explanation I can find for you... Maybe someone else can give a better explanation.

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