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Printing an image multiple times on one page

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Hi all, Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question.


I have created an image and would like to print as many copies of it as I can fit onto a single page from my printer (let's say A4 size). (My image is a logo that I am printing to water-slide transparency which is too expensive to waste one sheet per image). I can't seem to easily do this in Paint.Net (the options for contact sheet and wallet don't come out in quite the size I want). So I guess the best option is to save the file in another format (tiff, jpeg, PNG etc) and then copy it multiple times into another app like Word or PowerPoint, and then print from there. However my image has some transparent areas that I need to keep as transparent. How do I do this? Are there some image file formats that will retain the transparency? Likewise do word or PowerPoint support the transparent areas and print as such?


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions


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1. Select your logo with Rectangle Select tool
2. Resize it with Move Selection Pixels tool as you want (press Shift key to preserve ratio aspect)
3. Duplicate the layer as many times you want
4. Move layers new created up or down (Move Selection Pixels tool) to fit in A4 page
5. Save As .pdn format
6. Press Ctrl+Shift +F
7. Save As .png format to preserve transparency
8. Print

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I would use the FillFromClipboard plugin.


1. Create your logo (don't forget to set a good resolution value i.e. 300dpi).

2. Copy the image to the clipboard

3. Create a new image with the same dpi setting (A4 300dpi would be 2480 x 3508 pixels). You may have to respect non printable areas on the paper, means you have to use a smaller image size.

4. Execute the plugin


Now I would save the file as PDF using the ImPDF plugin.


Print the PDF using a PDF viewer w/o scaling.

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