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Adding padding to portrait images for a slideshow

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My apologies if this is already somewhere in the forum, tutorial or documentation, but I couldn't find an answer.

And, I'm a newbie to Paint.net.


I want to be able to resize portrait images so they fit in a slideshow (same height) with landscape images. I believe the way to do this is to add padding to the portrait images.

That's what I understand from this article. It's the plugin that I want to use on my website.



If this is the correct method, how do I add padding?


I guess I'm also having a hard time figuring out how to resize my portrait and landscape images to get them close to the same size, which seems to be another option according to the article.

I know large images first need to be resized for page loading speed. Normally, I resize from 4608x3072 to 1200x800. (Portrait 3072x4608 will resize to 800x1200).

But, then do I resize again or crop?


I'm open for the simplest way for me to do this and remember the reasoning and methodology. I'm working on a work-related website, but I also want to build a separate personal website for my photography.


Thanks, happy holidays







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If you want to add padding as shown in the link you gave, you should resize so the portrait images are the same height as the landscape images. Then, change the canvas size (ctrl+shift+r) so the width matches. This will automatically add padding to fill in the extra space on the canvas.

Hint: change your secondary color to change the color of the padding that is generated

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