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Just a quick beginner question

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Hello, I am trying to use Paint.net to do a little basic work retexturing an object in a PC game. I can't believe I am having trouble figuring out something that seems so simple, but my question is this: 


I have selected a chunk of an image that I want to copy onto another image I have open in a separate window. I have removed it's background (all that is left is the image and the checkered pattern that is supposedly transparent space. However, when I drag a box around the image and attempt to copy it, the checkered background that I thought was supposed to be transparent still shows up around the image when I copy it into the other open window. How do I select JUST the image for copying, and not the transparent background?


Thanks in advance! I have been fiddling with settings myself and consulting Google for over an hour and haven't gotten any farther.

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