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Inserting Photos into digital frames

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I have several discs/flash drives with digital pictures frames that I would like to insert pictures into some of them, but everytime I do as the instructions tell me, by first clickling new, inserting the frame, then I go to start and drag the photo over and invariably, the photo turns into a background, not a layer that will easily insert into the frame, a lot of the frames are png, do I need to change their format or what.  It looked so simple on the U tube video I watched and it sure isn't that way when I try it.  I bought a lot of these photo frame discs on ebay a while back and at that time they gave me a simple program to use to insert photos into these frames, but since then I've change computers a few times and lost the program, can anyone help me with paint.net or suggest a program that is simple and will do the insertion of photos into these frames.  Thanks for any help you can give this ole' grandma with doing her grandkids photos. 

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Open the frame layer in pdn,bring in the picture as another layer,then select the layer you want to enlarge or shrink and go to Layers-Rotate/zoom and change the size to fit. If they are odd shapes you can also click the Move selected pixels in the tools and move the sides in or out to match on each layer if need be. I usually will put the picture under the frame layer,easier to fit.

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