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Recessed Writing

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Im trying to do an image of a book cover with some text on it. Ive found an image of a nice leather covered book & I want to place writing on the front with a slightly recessed look about it, similar to this - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d1/Dictionary_Icon.png). I can use the Rotate/Zoom tool to orientate the writing to lie flat on the book cover but I dont know how to to get that slightly recessed look.


Also how can I give something perspective in PDN? I want to put some text along a Welcome red carpet which goes back into the image, so while I can use Rotate/Zoom to make the text fit & lie flat on the carpet, I cant 'pinch' it at one end so it moves back into the image. I dont know if Ive explained it well, something like this is what I mean - http://wgadesign.com/graphics/perspective.gif.



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