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How To Create Anodized Aluminum Effect?

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Hi all. I've found tutorials on making a brushed aluminum (metal) effect, but does anyone have a good way to make a shiny anodized aluminum effect? I'm trying to make "panels" of various colors that have an anodized aluminum effect. Similar to the shot glasses in the attached image. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Shine is, in essence, a type of reflection. In order to have a reflection, you must first have something to reflect.

Of course, we don't care to go through all the trouble of making objects to reflect, not to mention mapping them to the reflective surface. So instead, we fake it by giving the surface some variations in brightness to give the illusion of an object being reflected. The result isn't perfect for obvious reasons, but it gives a fairly acceptable effect.

I'm probably boring you with all this text, and you're probably thinking, "just get to the point and tell me how to do it!"

Good. It builds character.

Here's what you're probably looking for:



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