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I want to make a custom american flag

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Basically i want to draw an american flag, to where it looks tattered on the end but instead of white stars in the blue box, i want to replace it with gold triangles, if i cannot do so with this program, how would i take an already drawn flag from google and put gold triangles on it?

to add on to that this is a logo for a future clothing brand, so i rather start from scratch and learn how to draw this logo, thanks. if not the other way that i asked for about taking an already drawn flag from google and put gold triangles on it would work as well, much obliged

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If it's for a logo, I highly recommend using a vector graphics editor instead of raster image editors like paint.net


It's quite simple to make gold triangles in paint.net. Simply add a new layer, use the line tool to create the outline of a triangle, then fill it with the paint bucket tool (set tolerance to 69%).

To draw an American flag (with no stars) is even easier. Draw red stripes using the rectangle tool on a white background, then draw the blue rectangle in the top left. Copy and paste as many gold triangles as needed.


To make it tattered is a little more work and depends on how much quality/realism/etc you are looking for.

Since it is a logo, I assume you want to keep it relatively simple. That said, add a new layer and draw tatters using the line tool, select the area bounded by the lines, return to the original layer, and hit delete. Delete or hide the lines layer when you are done.

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