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Please Help: Creating Layered Maps (of World, Countries, etc.)

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I have a lot of jpgs of old maps. I use them to try to locate where building or landmarks used to be. I have been using Google Maps/Earth and stretching opaque versions of the jpgs but the problem is that the underlying map is modern and I want to create a new map, a 'then and now' if you like. I also want to be able to manipulate the maps as I want them to look.


I prefer to trace or outline them (not sure of the exact term). But because they are different styles and designs, I will need to stretch or manipulate them to overlay with each other.



I am new to Paint.net but I have used layers in Corel Draw (over 10 years ago). It occurred to me that layers would be a good way to do what I want. I could build a map of sites or roads on one layer and modern locations on another layer and then fit them over each other and see the changes (or the similarities). I could also create layers with rivers or roads, ancient paths, topographical features like hills and valleys, and any other info I wanted. Then I could print out the layers of info I wanted.


I would like to do it with paint.net if possible. Can anyone help?

Thanks :-)

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MAP: I noticed that the word 'map' is used in paint and similar software to refer to something other than an actual (topographical, geographical, political, etc.) "map". I'm using "map" in the original sense - a graphical representation of actual geographical, etc. features.


JPG: I would use the jpg of a map only to make an outline. After that I don't' need it.


Can I create layers containing different information graphically -- a layer of rivers and lakes, a layers of trade routes, a layer of ancient roads, a layer of modern roads, a layer of ancient sites, an layer of modern sites, a layer of battle sites, and so on -- and turn these layers on/off as I need them to output a "map" (original meaning) showing only the information I want to show?

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