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Anti-Aliasing Help.

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Hello, I've recently been trying to make a picture and I need Anti-Aliasing disabled for it. Now I have it disabled, but whenever I try to do effects like Dent it adds some Anti-Aliasing in it even thought Anti-Aliasing is disabled.. When I do use Dents I even try setting quality to 0 but that doesn't seem to do much. Now I may be missing something here and which is most likely true but I can't seem to find out how to permanently disable Anti-Aliasing for everything. It's disabled right now but whenever I try to use Effects it uses Anti-Aliasing which I don't want it to. Any way to have Effects not us Anti-Aliasing or to completely disabled it?


Thank you for your help! :)  

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Anti alias is not a global setting. Whether or not a plugin has the option of turning it off depends on if the plugin author included such an option. In other words, no.

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