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Tags lost in JPGs?

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I believe that Paint.Net might be ignoring tags (or textual data) in existing JPG files and not saving them when we open, edit, then save a JPG file.  For example, the new Google 360 degree panorama (like street view) that Android 4.2 phones can take stores the fact that it's a 360 panorama in tags embedded in the JPG file.  Once I edit one of these photos, it's no longer recognized as a 360 panorama, but if I do the same in Windows Paint, it still works.


To see what I'm talking about, view my 360 panoramas on Google+ here:  http://bit.ly/W3D7GS


Notice the little watermark icon in the upper left that G+ puts on there?  It does that when it recognizes the photo as a 360 panorama, but if you download any of my 360 panoramas, then open in Paint.Net, then save, then re-upload the G+, it no longer works like a 360 panorama.  But, do the same with Microsoft Windows Paint, and it still works.

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