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It looks sleek, but More Apps needs to be more prominent and placed further from the Youtube thumbnail to be clickable (especially on phones). The icon next to More Apps took real scrutiny to notice; perhaps it could be changed into a right-pointing white arrow or omitted.


As a splash screen

The design is nice, but I would place the More Apps button front-and-center, with the NFL, Netflix, and Youtube icons in a line below it. The main function of the splash screen is to handle transitions to a website where you will scroll through apps, so having a big button to get there is expected. In this design, I would not have a paragraph about the NFL.


As an interactive design

Assuming this isn't a splash screen, since thumbnails hug the sides of the screen, I don't expect to scroll through apps on this site in a left-right fashion (there isn't space to place indicative arrows). Scrolling up-down could work, but I would place other icons behind the black silhouette (so they're slightly darkened still, preserving focus on the center line of apps) to indicate that there are off-screen apps to scroll to. I would also expect that the NFL paragraph has been expanded by e.g. clicking or hovering on it. If that's the default, it would currently be awkward with the placement of More Apps. If the paragraph is always visible, it's visually unbalanced unless there are generally paragraphs on the left-hand side.

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