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removing semi transparent pixels(or changing their value)

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I want to remove only semi transparent pixels in a image. I want to keep others without changing them. How can i do that?

And is it possible to increase/decrease of all semi transparent pixels at one time?

For example: When i choose the increasing tranparency-alpha value at 20

if a pixels transparency is 120, it will be 140

if 75, it will be 95

if 255, keep it same

if 0, keep it same

sorry for bad english.

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As a workaround:

1. duplicate your layer (ctrl+shift+d) and use the brightness/contrast adjustment to set the contrast to 0, then use hue/saturation to set saturation to 0 as well.

This should get you a layer where the only difference between pixels is the transparency. This allows you to:

2. use the magic wand (set tolerance to 0%) to select all the totally opaque pixels.

3. Once you have them selected, invert the selection (ctrl+i) and turn off the visibility of the grey layer.

This gives you a selection of all the pixels that are not totally opaque, effectively ignoring them. Now you can adjust your transparency without disturbing the opaque pixels!

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