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triangle with round corners (not just rounded)

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I thought I had something reasonably simply to accomplish, but after almost two hours of Googling and trying I give up.

I would like to create a triangle, but with (really) round corners. Not just the points rounded off a little, but the corners going around evenly like circles.

(see infantile free-hand drawing attachment as an example)

Is this to accomplish in an easy manner?


The attachment seems to be missing, so here's a link: http://i.imgur.com/2znyx.png

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Thanks for your fast reply,

That's an (for me) unexpected approach, and it is indeed going in the direction I would like.

Yet I would like to have the corners going a little more going round like bigger circles.

If this is not easily possible, or to difficult for me, your solution is usable and more than I had accomplished myself.

Thnx again!

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Madien Noise is a great effect to smooth the edges,

See this quick video, I am not sure how good are you in math, you just need to imagine when/where the tangent on the top right curve of will be perpendicular to the diagonal line generated by the Kaleidoscope, I don't know how to explain it more than this ( I am showing it in the video by the mouse pointer)

If you didn't understand that, belive me you need just two or trials to accomplish it.

Good luck.


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