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File Won't Save Correctly.

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When I save a photo in my photo library, I try to make a file and put pics in there. It didn't work so I put the folder on desktop and put the photos in there. Now I can't upload or email any photos and it won't read on Facebook. Like it says this is a bad image. Is there anyway to fix this?

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As nitenurse said...

When saving your picture(s), are you saving as a .pdn filetype?

post-52619-0-04994000-1345054719_thumb.j (click this to see full image)

(this is the Save As window, first line being the filename and second being... type)

You should be saving as a .pdn ONLY if you want to make modifications later on that picture, since .pdn is only readable by Paint.NET itself because it contains informations about layers and effects you previously used on your picture.

If you want your picture to be uploadable on Facebook or on any other website, you need to save it as a Jpeg, a Png or a Gif, so you'll want to change the thing in the first picture to look something like this:

post-52619-0-67288200-1345055086_thumb.j(click this to see full image)

Jpegs tend to be the smaller files for the quality, so you might want to use this filetype if you aren't creating crystal-like pictures. Pngs is one of the best filetype to store color information when you ARE making crystal-like pictures, but the size is also way bigger than a Jpeg.

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