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Needs prompt change before All unsaved images are closed when program exits.

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i have a problem, my last project i have been working with many

small pictures open that are used as a base of objects for my

big multi layers project.

however i do make changed to those small pictures and adjustments

all the time.

i had to close the paint.net program and i pressed the X window button.

i got the popup that i have many images open and un saved.

and the option to save/not save .

the problem.

i pressed don't save , thinking it was ment to the 1st images, that i'll have

a question regarding the 2nd images and so on ...

BUT the program just exited !!!

i lost many changes i made to the small images :-(

can the program be more "images friendly" and ask me this question for each


this way i could of saved my lost images, also have the chance to save them


the simple solution is add a check mark that say

"Apply to All Images" and if this is mark is checked just exit the program like now.

else ask the user if to save the file before each close.

thank you


"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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First, let us address this issue logically:

You've modified several images that remain open in PDN. You've now indicated you wanted to exit paint.net.


As you can see from the screenshot, PDN tells you and shows you at the moment that there are things that are open and need to be changed.

When you elect to exit paint.net, that doesn't mean that you want to exit that image. It means to exit the program. At the moment you got the screen above warning you that images needed to be saved, you could have at that point pressed cancel so you wouldn't have exited and then you had the opportunity to save those which needed to be saved.


Alternatively, you could've closed those you didn't want to save changes to before you elected to exit the program (at which time PDN will ask you if you want to save it - exactly what you're looking for, a prompt to save the individual file), then when you exited, you then select to save all the remaining open files.


If this doesn't suit your issue, then consider the alternative argument that you are suggesting. That someone else tomorrow will be asking if that is really necessary and arguing that they don't want 30 prompts for 30 opened images.

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ok my mistake

i didn't look at this the way you did.

i'm used to have that question being asked for each file, unless

otherwise is marked and I pressed that button automatically / instinctive :-)

thank you for the answer



i don't want 30 question for 30 files all the time too. ;-)

"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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