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Help With Making Portions of an Image Glow.

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I require some assistance regarding making certain portions of an image glow. Because I am the most artistically capable of my peers, I was chosen to make a section T-shirt for my school's band's saxophone section. I have the front done, but I require assistance on the back. The idea is have a slightly obscured saxophone with the key holes and bell glowing. Thing is, I have no idea how to do it. I tried messing around with the glow effect in version 3.5.4, but that affects the entire images. Can anyone explain to me how to go about doing that? Thanks in advance.

If it helps, I want the glow to be like in this picture:


If there are any topics asking the same question I do apologize. This is my first time on this forum and first post/topic, so please don't bring an unholy hammer of wrath down upon me.

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Duplicate the layer, and on the new layer delete everything but the holes which you want to glow.

Then apply glow to them while they are on their own layer... make sure the hole layer is on the top!


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