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Memory issue

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I was trying to scan in a photo at 1200 dpi since it was a tiny photo from the 1920s. I guess initially I didn't realize I could do a preview on my scanner and then limit the scan size to just the photo. So initially I was scanning 8"x11.5" which my 2 GB computer was obviously not able to handle. Paint.NET would start the process but never finish. Some of it still seemed to be running however as I could move the various windows around and the screen would still look OK. Even the cancel button did not work however and eventually I was forced to kill the process thus losing all the photos scanned but not saved up until that point. I'm wiser now but is this a known problem - or could I have done something to rescue my unsaved photos?

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You were scanning several photos?

Once you've finished scanning one photo, save it and close it. Then do the next. Otherwise you'll end up using so much memory that the whole thing will just fall over with only 2GB of RAM.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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