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Absolute beginner needs to make a transparent background

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I just installed PDN because I finally figured out plain old Paint can't make a transparent background. I am trying to make a logo for my website and the logo sits in a light grey header. I tried to match the light grey and couldn't, as you can see here http://languametrics.com/wordpress/ and someone told me I needed to make the background transparent. I've done some reading and really don't understand what I'm reading. Can anyone please tell me step by step what to do, or point me to a tutorial. I just want to make the background transparent and put the letters and the globe on and upload to my site. Or can I edit my existing logo to turn the light grey background into transparent? It is attached. post-90069-0-36181900-1335962795_thumb.jThanks all.

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Basically, just use the magic wand tool to select the background and hit delete. Make sure you save as a .png or .gif image when you are done

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