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Cracks in ground to show under layer

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Hey all,

I have a lava texture and a ground texture. I'd like to be able to make some cracks on the ground texture that would show through the lava texture below it. Something like a cracked mud look. I would be using this for a game I'm making form some terrain textures. Are there any plugins that would aid in making these transparent cracks and perhaps even add depth to the cracks? Thanks for the help!

I guess a spider web where the spider was on crack would be something I'm looking for. Similar to the following image:

Lava Ground

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There's a tutorial at the link below for creating exploding planets, and I believe it features much of what you want in it. Familiarize yourself with it and I think you will find skipping steps 4-6 and stopping after step 13 will give pretty much the effect you are looking for:


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