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Need help, didnt know where to put this

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Hey everyone, as I am fairly new to Paint.net I need help. I have been playing this game for some time now and I started a guild in it. The guild needs and icon ofcourse! So I opened Paint and made a image 16*12 pixels (it needs to be that) and saved it as a .tga file. The problem is, when I save as .tga its just a Paint.net savefile! If anyone knows how to fix this please help me.

If your bored and good with Paint.net I was hoping that someone could also help me with creating a icon for my guild. The guild icon has to be 16*12 pixels. Since my guilds name is Kingdom the image should be something that has something to do with kingdom, like a K drawed free hand so it looks special or a king crown, be creative :)!. I will put all the stuff you need to know down here.

Image file has to be .tga

I would like it to be transparent background (what I tryed to do with Paint.net)

16*12 pixels

Have something to do with a Kingdom

Thanks in advance!

(I am so sorry, but I didnt know where to put this, if requests arent allowed please take it down for me thanks)

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