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Batch Resize

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Am looking for batch resize enhancement. I did Select All and then did Re-size, but only got re-size on the current picture. Actually, I don't think SelectAll did anything. Wonder what its there for, actually.

Adding other utilities (paid or free) to get the re-size job done is not a valid workaround (as someone mentioned in the recent locked thread on the subject). The point is to use a utility that does it all. For actions that I do not do frequently, I can never remember which tool does which thing best. It would be preferable to have one go-to tool that meets basic editing and file needs and is easy to use. I am thinking paint.net may be mostly for advanced editing.

I ended up using MS Picture Manager for this task, but in folders that need selective selections (e.g. select all pics > 2Kmb), they don't support n-to-n-selection with ctrl-shift. I had to use Explorer to copy the desired folders to a temp folder then use MS-PM to Select-All and Batch Resize; then copy back. blech. There once was a uploader tool from a website photo hosting site I had used in the past that did batch resize, but couldn't remember which or where it was.

fwiw, I used %percentage reductions, maintaining aspect ratio. I can see that h x w absolute measurements might be tricky in batch mode.

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There was just a thread on this yesterday, and it should be clear this won't be happening. Saying that another utility "is not a valid workaround" is just entitlement and laziness. Go spend $10 or whatever.

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