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paint it like photoshop :P

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I know stupid title but, i wanted to tell/ask this.

For starters i really like paint.NET, this must be like the one and only program that i want to keep to edit my images with. I'm not a photo styling (read photoshop) guru but sometimes i just want to do these quick images to help me illustrate stuff around the net, my site, the community i'm in etc.

So the layer approach like photoshop is very cool and i find it good to work with.

But i'm missing the way you could just doubleclick a layer in photoshop, and make emboss/beavel things out of any shape and do it in many types (like pillow emboss that would sink the object into the background of the image etc etc..) choose lighting angles for it , apply gradient and: well you know what i mean.

Will it be possible in the future to do these things with paint.net also ? Even if it's done with another plugin or completely different I don't mind.

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well, its just because i'm not a very good graphic artist that it would be helpful aht theres plugins or effects that have that, you can't expect me to lik , draw all the light effects and 3d myself :) i'm not that good..

moreover it's just nice for me to use 1 kind of paint program.

Maybe if i just wait i guess there will be more and more plugins available :)

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